Huttropstraße 60, 45138 Essen Germany

GMD German Mediators GmbH

GMD German Mediators GmbH is a Germany based multi services company specializing in export, import, distribution, shipping, and health services.
We provide efficient services due to our vast network, allowing us to meet most of our customers’ demands with the highest quality possible.
We provide access to various product suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors in many countries around the world.


GMD German Mediators GmbH is committed to maintaining products and services quality and the integrity of their supply chain and to ensure as high level of compliance as possible.


With our services, you can quickly know how our business grows and how we support the growth of our customers.

Easy Contacting

Just one phone call, fax or e-mail is enough to find us going with you step by step to reach your goal.

Our Team

Our senior management team has over 15 years of experience in sales, exportation, and importation. As a result, we are able to use our in-depth knowledge of many services to ensure we always provide you with the service and expertise required.
Our success is due to the entire team and the collective skills and knowledge that they each bring.

Our vision

These are the main things that we are always working to maintain and improve in our workspace and company.


Promote an environment where learning flourishes and personal growth of its employees.


Encourage innovation and creativity in all of our operations and exceeding Customer satisfaction.


Attain a high level of customer satisfaction in all operations through effective and efficient use of resources, fast and with appropriate support to our clients.


Develop our employees by encouraging delegation, empowerment, and rewarding innovation.

Our Mission

To enable the German products and services access by everyone wherever they may be around the world, providing excellent service in a timely and reliable fashion.